A post on the state of the regen web3 ecosystem—including a breakdown of top organizations to be aware of.

What’s at the heart of web3 for good? How can this emerging stack of technologies be used to grow the capacity of life on earth? How might we restore our natural systems, bridge silos, and bring humanity into a state of harmony with life through web3 technology?

Join us in an exploration of the intersecting movements of regeneration and web3, and learn how regen web3 could form the technical foundation for a new paradigm, where human systems increase the capacity of life.

What Is Regeneration?

There’s a movement happening, one unlike any other modern cultural or technological movement that’s happened before. One with the potential to shift our economy, infrastructure, and culture into harmonious, life-generating living systems based on co-evolution with earth. It goes beyond sustainability, developing on the potential of every person, place, living being, and organization to grow capacity of life on earth. Are you interested?

Welcome to the Regenerative Movement

It’s a movement that has established roots in the principles of ecology**,** permaculture, indigenous world-views, and self-development. To be “regenerative” is to first see yourself, living beings, and places as whole, interconnected, and nested entities, with their own unique essence. From this regenerative view of reality, it’s possible to design nodal interventions in places of transformational leverage that develop the beings involved to grow their unique potential.

Many might look at that previous paragraph and not have any idea what I’m saying. That’s how I felt when first learning about the concept. It challenged the way I thought and saw the world, making me realize that it’s a completely different paradigm of thinking than the one we default to in the modern world. To dive deeper into regenerative theory, check out the following resources from Carol (the last article I wrote as a summary of the principles she gleaned from her Irquois grandfather).

A Whitepaper on Regeneration’s Significance

Listen to Carol Sanford Discuss Regenerative First Principles Here

Read more about the Regenerative First Principles (bolded) Here

To grasp the concept of something being “Regenerative”, it’s helpful to contrast it with “Sustainability”, which has become a mainstream rallying cry for climate action.